"Wind Farms Aren’t All Ready for Icing Amid Changing Climate"

"Bitter cold and icy conditions in Texas showed that wind farms are built for yesterday’s climate and often not winterized to withstand changing weather due to climate change.

Wind farm operators install de-icing systems only if they make economic sense for the climate they’re in—not necessarily to avoid icing in a freak Arctic blast, renewable energy experts say.

One of the biggest challenges facing wind farm developers is climate change, which scientists say is causing the Arctic to warm, possibly disrupting the jet stream so that frigid polar air dives south more often.

“We’re not building power plants for tomorrow’s weather,” said Michael Webber, a mechanical engineering and energy resources professor at the University of Texas-Austin and chief science officer for Paris-based ENGIE SA. “We need to recognize that weather will change based on these trends.”"

Bobby Magill reports for Bloomberg Environment February 18, 2021.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 02/19/2021