"White House: Biden Imposes Flood Standard After Stumbling The First Time"

"It was an innocuous error that President Biden made on his first day in office — and that he has now corrected, to the relief of climate advocates.

When Biden issued an expansive day one executive order on climate change and public health, it included a little-noticed provision that intended to reinstate a flood-mitigation policy that President Obama had established in 2015 and President Trump revoked in 2017.

But in April, White House attorneys determined that Biden's order had not actually reinstated the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. The standard would require new federally funded projects located in flood zones to be built to withstand climate impacts such as sea-level rise.

Biden's latest executive order on climate change, signed Thursday, corrects the earlier mistake and officially puts the flood standard in place."

Thomas Frank reports for E&E News May 24, 2021.

Source: E&E News, 05/25/2021