"US CSI, Climate Scene Investigators, Is On The Job"

"Heavy snows, cold snaps and heat waves may not be crimes exactly, but CSI is ready to track down the culprits.

This CSI is not on television yet, but the government's Climate Scene Investigators are on the job.

Recall the blizzardy winter along the East Coast this year? Inquiring minds wanted to know how that could happen in an era of global warming.

Enter the Climate Scene Investigators. They say they found no fingerprints of human-induced global warming in the storms. So they held a lineup of suspects and narrowed it down to two co-conspirators El Nino and the North Atlantic Oscillation, a pair of changing weather patterns in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans."

Randolph E. Schmid reports for the Associated Press May 9, 2010.


Source: AP, 05/10/2010