"Uranium Mining -- The Virginia Battleground"

"The Virginia General Assembly is expected to vote next year on whether to lift a 30-year moratorium on uranium mining in the state."

"The issue has prompted an expensive lobbying campaign by the company that wants to mine a huge deposit known as Coles Hill in Pittsylvania County and an intense fight by environmentalists who want to stop it. The battle has pitted neighbor against neighbor in the county, in south central Virginia, an area known as Southside.

Two Virginians, each offered money to allow uranium mining on their land, personify the debate that is raging through the state. One accepted. The other declined."

Rose Ellen O'Connor reports for Natural Resources News Service November 30, 2011, in Part
Three of a three-part series.

Part Two (November 23, 2011)

Part One (November 18, 2011)


"A Big Uranium Deposit, and a Big Debate on Mining It" (New York Times)

Source: Natural Resources News Service, 12/05/2011