"U.N. Slams Carbon Removal As Unproven And Risky"

"A United Nations panel is casting doubt on the promise of using machines to remove vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and sea in order to fight climate change.

The skepticism from the high-profile organization sent shock waves through the emerging industry of carbon removal companies that many scientists say will be essential for the world to stabilize, or one day reduce, global average temperatures. It comes as the Biden administration is preparing to pour billions of dollars into the industry.

The panel questioned the technical and economic viability of startups seeking to clean up carbon that’s already been dumped into the sky, igniting pushback from an industry that is gaining popularity but so far has not captured sizable amounts of warming gases.

The U.N. panel called the sector “unproven,” with “unknown” risks."

Corbin Hiar reports for E&E News May 24, 2023.

Source: E&E News, 05/25/2023