"Twelve New Kids’ Beach Reads to Inspire Action and Adventure"

"Young readers can become archaeologists, seaweed harvesters, and Arctic explorers, all through the pages of books."

"Wildfires have recently been a hot topic of conversation among the 12- and 13-year-old girls on my daughter’s softball team. That’s because an ongoing blaze on Vancouver Island, where we live and where Hakai Magazine is based, has closed the only highway to their end-of-season tournament and filled the air with smoke that’s not conducive to running the bases. As an assistant coach, I get to be part of the lively discussions in the stretching circle.

“Do you know what causes wildfires?” I ask the team as we do arm circles.

“Stupid people,” one girl says.

“Climate change,” adds another.

Yes (although let’s not call people names) and yes."

Raina Delisle reports for Hakai magazine June 22, 2023.

Source: Hakai, 06/23/2023