"Tropical Forests Are Reaching Their Carbon Dioxide Limit"

"A study of hundreds of thousands of trees in Africa and the Amazon concludes that they aren’t drawing down greenhouse gases like they used to."

"Humanity has pushed atmospheric carbon dioxide levels almost 50% higher than they were before industrialization. That dramatic number would be even higher without tropical forests, which have been absorbing as much as 17% of CO₂ emissions along the way.

Unfortunately, rainforests can’t capture carbon like they used to.

In a new study using 30 years of data from pristine Amazon and African tropical forests, researchers found the actual rate CO₂-reduction rate peaked a quarter-century ago. These rainforests absorbed about a third less CO₂ over the past decade than they did the 1990s, according to the study published in the journal Nature. That’s a difference of 21 billion metric tons—or roughly similar to a decade of fossil-fuel emissions from the U.K., Canada, Germany, and France combined."

Eric Roston reports for Bloomberg March 4, 2020.

Source: Bloomberg, 03/06/2020