Tory Pledge To End Wind Subsidies Risks Green Economy: Industry Leaders

"Conservatives’ manifesto promise to halt wind subsidies is at odds with their emissions goals and threatens green energy jobs and new projects, says renewable industry"

"The Conservatives must not undermine the so-called green economy and cause job losses through their manifesto pledge to end subsidies for onshore windfarms, figures in the renewable energy industry have said.

Dale Vince, founder of the green energy company Ecotricity, told the Guardian: 'It’s going to be interesting to see what Cameron’s new government does now. I see a bit of a self-made dilemma on green issues: on the one hand, they’ve positioned themselves against renewable energy and green initiatives generally; on the other, they have legally binding carbon reduction targets to hit and have promised real action on climate change. These issues are joined at the hip - you can’t deliver one without the other.'

Vince, a major donor to Labour in the run-up to the election, added that the Conservatives would be mistaken to ignore the green economy, which is worth about £128bn a year and employs nearly a million people in renewable power, energy efficiency and other industries."

Fiona Harvey reports for the Guardian May 13, 2015.

Source: Guardian, 05/14/2015