"Tory Leadership Race: Where Do Candidates Stand On Net Zero Goal?"

"It was until recently regarded as settled policy, supported by all major political parties and written into UK law.

The policy called for "net zero", the rapid reduction in climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions so we stopped putting more emissions into the atmosphere than we took out.

But the combination of a cost of living crisis and the need to find a new prime minister has called into question Britain's commitment to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

That's despite there being clear consensus among scientists that immediate action is needed if we are to have a chance of keeping global temperature rises below 1.5C, and reduce the risk of severe consequences from climate change. "

Jonah Fisher reports for BBC News July 15, 2022.


"Kemi Badenoch Moves Away From Net Zero By 2050, In Double Climate U-Turn" (Guardian)

"Kemi Badenoch Backs Net Zero In Tory Leadership Climate U-Turn" (Guardian)

Source: BBC News, 07/19/2022