"Talks in Deadlock Ahead of Leaders' Arrival"

"COPENHAGEN -- Negotiators at the United Nations climate summit scrambled Wednesday to bridge multibillion-dollar disagreements as President Barack Obama and other world leaders prepared to descend on the Danish capital Friday.

As night fell in Copenhagen Wednesday, it appeared that the leaders could arrive for the summit's final sessions with significant work to do to achieve Mr. Obama's goal of a 'meaningful' climate agreement.

Mr. Obama has gotten personally involved in a last-ditch lobbying effort, calling large and small nations seen as pivotal to breaking an impasse. Failure to ink even a nonbinding political deal in Copenhagen would be an embarrassment to Mr. Obama, who has made attacking climate change a centerpiece of his agenda."

Jeffrey Ball, Stephen Power and Guy Chazan report for the Wall Street Journal December 17, 2009.

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Source: Wall St. Journal, 12/17/2009