Susquehanna Dam’s Sediment Threatens Chesapeake Bay

"At the Conowingo Hydroelectric Dam in northeast Maryland, the barbarians are at the sluice gates.

Sediment, millions of tons of it, has flowed down the 440-mile Susquehanna River for more than 80 years and massed at the dam. And now a reservoir built to hold it is filling up.

The threat to the Chesapeake Bay came into sharp focus when Tropical Storm Lee produced record flows in the river in September, forcing officials to open the gates. Four million tons of sediment rushed through in about four days, equal to what the bay normally gets in four years. Half the bay’s blue-green waters appear as beige as coffee with cream in recent satellite images."

Darryl Fears reports for the Washington Post November 6, 2011.


Source: Wash Post, 11/07/2011