"Solar For All? U.S. Cities Take Green Power To Low-Income Homes"

"WASHINGTON - To hear Emil King tell it, the benefits of the 8,000-odd solar panels shimmering before him on an industrial lot in Washington D.C. go far beyond helping the U.S. capital city fight climate change.

The city-administered solar park was built on polluted land that had become an eyesore, and the power it produces has been used to halve the electricity bills of about 700 low-income local families, said King, a city environmental official.

"The community saw that they'd be getting money off their bills, but that it was also going to be about a vacant property getting some attention and getting cleaned up," he said."

Carey L. Biron reports for Thomson Reuters Foundation March 1, 2023.

Source: Thomson Reuters Fdn., 03/01/2023