Revealed: Water Company And City Officials Knew About Flint Poison Risk

"Exclusive: email exchanges show senior employees knew Michigan residents might risk being poisoned by tap water months before city admitted to problem".

"Executives at one of the world’s largest utilities companies knew that families in Flint, Michigan, might be at risk of being poisoned by lead in their tap water months before the city publicly admitted the problem, according to internal company emails.

Email exchanges in February 2015 between executives at Veolia and a city contractor show some senior employees were aware that lead from the city’s pipes could be leaching into drinking water. They argued that city officials should be told to change Flint’s water supply to protect residents.

But the company never made that recommendation public. At the time, Veolia was exploring other lucrative contracts with the city."

Emily Holden, Ron Fonger, and Jessica Glenza report for the Guardian December 10, 2019.

Source: Guardian, 12/12/2019