"Organic Farmers: Pesticide Drift Kills"

"Specialty crop farmers were at the [Iowa] capitol today complaining of damage to their produce from pesticide drift.

That’s when chemicals sprayed on one field reach a contiguous one where they are not wanted, and advocates are arguing for more control of pesticide application to prevent it.

Jordan Schiebel grows organic vegetables on a two-acre plot near Grinnell. He says farm chemicals applied to an adjoining cornfield drifted onto his land with disastrous results.

'I found damage everywhere,' Schiebel says. 'From tomatoes with their growth points bleached out to speckled heads of lettuce to spots on tree leaves hundreds of feet from the conventional cornfield the drift had come from.'"
Joyce Russell reports for Iowa Public Radio January 20, 2015.

Source: Iowa Public Radio, 01/22/2015