"Oregon Groups Pan And Praise Forest Service's New Planning Rule"

"The U.S. Forest Service believes proposed revisions to its forest planning rule will accelerate timber sales and provide rural jobs while protecting watersheds, wildlife and quiet spaces for recreation.

In a visit with The Oregonian Friday, national forest Deputy Chief Joel Holtrop  of Washington, D.C. said the rule change unveiled Thursday shifts forest and grassland management to a collaborative and science-based system and strikes a balance between economic and ecological demands. The proposal is the latest attempt to update 1982 planning rules governing 193 million acres, including more than 12 million acres of national forests in Oregon.

Environmentalists and timber industry representatives found fault with parts of the proposal."

Eric Mortenson reports for the Portland Oregonian February 11, 2011.


"National Forests Plan Would Expand Local Discretion Over Wildlife Management" (Washington Post)

Source: Portland Oregonian, 02/15/2011