"Oil Spill’s Health Impacts Scrutinized"

"After focusing for weeks on the causes of the Gulf oil spill and its economic and environmental impact, Congress shifted its attention Thursday to the dangers it poses to human health.

The Senate Health Committee tackled proposals to protect oil industry workers, while the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Energy panel heard from experts on potential problems associated with exposure to oil, a carcinogen.

The hearings come as more Gulf Coast residents and cleanup workers have reported getting sick. A recent internal Department of Labor memo describes 'significant deficiencies' in BP’s handling of worker safety issues and warns that there has been a 'general systemic failure [from BP] to ensure the safety and health' of the responders, according to Rep. Lois Capps (D-Calif.)."

Mike Lillis and Julian Pecquet report for The Hill June 10, 2010.


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Source: The Hill, 06/11/2010