"Obama Revives Green Agenda With Push To End Oil Industry Tax Breaks"

"President plans to spend big on green cars and biofuels as Steven Chu says US wants to lead in clean energy technology."

"Barack Obama knew a budget proposal to end $40bn in tax breaks for the oil and gas industry would get him into an election-year fight with Republicans over his energy agenda.

It's at least the fourth time the president has called for rolling back the subsidies.

And, predictably, Republicans and the oil industry were spoiling for a fight. The main industry lobby, the American Petroleum Institute, attacked the proposal as "punitive and unfair".

Like Obama's earlier proposals to cut subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, this one is highly unlikely to pass through Congress.

What the revival of the proposal demonstrates, however, is that Obama, despite his earlier half-hearted support for action on climate change and other environmental measures, is willing to put up a fight now."

Suzanne Goldenberg reports for the Guardian February 13, 2012.


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Source: Guardian, 02/14/2012