"NYC, Others Join White House Building Efficiency Partnership"

"The White House unveiled a partnership on Friday with 33 state and local governments to make the nation’s buildings more efficient.

The new Building Performance Standards Coalition seeks to nudge states and cities to more quickly adopt building codes to reduce emissions. The agreement includes more technical assistance from the EPA and Energy Department to help coalition members design and manage their policies.

The states and cities in the coalition represent more than 15 billion square feet of floor space and more than 22% of the U.S. population, according to the White House.

The Environmental Protection Agency said it would provide coalition members information about their building energy use data, as well as a web-based tool in February that will let building owners calculate their emissions."

Stephen Lee reports for Bloomberg Environment January 21, 2022.


"After Decades, Biden Plans To Make Mobile Homes Greener, Sparking A Fierce Debate." (Washington Post)

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 01/24/2022