North Wales’ Ancient Felled Pontfadog Oak Returns In 5 Cloned Saplings

"A 2013 storm toppled the tree that had stood in the Ceiriog valley for 1,200 years – but now it lives on".

"On a stormy night in April 2013, a resounding crack echoed around a valley in north-east Wales and when day broke a melancholy sight met the eyes of villagers.

The mighty Pontfadog oak, a glorious tree that had stood sentinel over the Ceiriog valley for 1,200 years, had been toppled, and a heap of broken branches, decayed wood, lichens and fungi lying among the spring flowers.

Almost a decade later, a ceremony took place on Wednesday at the National Botanic Garden of Wales to mark the return of the oak in the form of five cloned saplings, two of which will be planted in north-east Wales, close to the spot where the magnificent tree stood."

Steven Morris reports for the Guardian July 6, 2022.

Source: Guardian, 07/07/2022