"Newfoundlanders Identify With The Ocean. Now Some Are Moving Inland."

"Scott Strickland built his life by the water.

The 51-year-old Newfoundland man descended from generations of lighthouse keepers who helped guide sailors safely to Port aux Basques, named for the Basque whalers who sought refuge there five centuries ago.

When Strickland’s family moved to the community at the southwestern tip of Newfoundland and Labrador, his father took a job with Marine Atlantic, a ferry service. Strickland, a real estate agent, bought a house with magnificent views — so close to the water that from his back window, it’s “two jumps and into the ocean.”

But after post-tropical storm Fiona pounded Atlantic Canada in September with hurricane-force winds and a ruinous storm surge, Strickland’s view no longer brings comfort. The storm, one of the worst in Canadian history, leveled fishing stages, washed homes away and left many others, including Strickland’s, uninhabitable."

Amanda Coletta reports for the Washington Post January 16, 2023.


Source: Washington Post, 01/17/2023