NC PFAS Factory Claims Emissions Fell By 99.99%. Guardian Shows Otherwise

"Chemours and state regulators say the Fayetteville Works plant has reduced air emissions, but we found levels of 'forever chemicals' as much as 30 times higher than state tests".

"Downwind from chemical giant Chemours’ PFAS manufacturing plant in North Carolina, Jamie White’s life is a series of unpleasant negotiations.

She fears the plant’s toxic “forever chemicals” are in the air she breathes and the rain replenishing her well. She suffers from a thyroid disorder – an issue linked to PFAS exposure.

Protecting herself and her family means sacrifice: should she let her grandkids play outdoors on her small farm and ride the horse, or keep them indoors? Her inground swimming pool sits dry. Should she eat potentially contaminated vegetables, or give up gardening?

“It’s awful, but there’s nothing we can do,” said White, who has lived on her small farm for 15 years."

Tom Perkins reports for the Guardian with photographs by Justin Cook January 28, 2024.

Source: Guardian, 01/30/2024