"Nation's First Hydrogen-Powered Ferry Launches In Bellingham"

"A hydrogen-powered ferry, the first of its kind in the United States, has launched in Bellingham.

Most big boats run on diesel or even dirtier fuels. They belch out climate-wrecking carbon dioxide and lung-damaging pollutants, including particulates and nitrogen and sulfur oxides.

This new boat, the Sea Change, with motors powered by two fuel cells, has very different output.

“The really great thing about this process is the only byproduct is hot water,” said Ron Wille with the Bellingham shipbuilder All American Marine. “Being able to put a boat out to sea to operate where it's going to create zero emissions is certainly revolutionary.”"

John Ryan reports for KUOW Aug 24, 2021.


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Source: KUOW, 08/26/2021