Month After Ida's Landfall, Louisianians Decry 'Third World' Conditions

"CROZIER, La. - Bruce Westley stood outside his wrecked mobile home, pointing to a small lime green tent, two patio chairs and a 30-quart aluminum pot atop a single propane burner.

'For more than a month, that's been our bedroom, our living room and our kitchen,' said the 65-year-old disabled Navy veteran. He and his wife Christina are among thousands of southeast Louisianians struggling more than a month after Hurricane Ida swept through the heart of Cajun country.

Reuters traveled the bayous of hard-hit Terrebonne, Lafourche, Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes in recent days, speaking with more than 40 residents. All said they felt abandoned by state and federal officials. A few said they had not received any type of support from any level of government.

'We can't keep living like this,' Westley said. 'We just need any damn thing to get off the ground, man.'"

Brad Brooks reports for Reuters October 5, 2021.

Source: Reuters, 10/05/2021