"Montana Governor Under Fire For Vacationing During Flood"

"RED LODGE, Mont. — As punishing floods tore through Yellowstone National Park and neighboring Montana communities, the state’s governor was nowhere to be seen.

In the immediate aftermath, the state issued a disaster declaration attributed to the Republican governor, but for some reason it carried the lieutenant governor’s signature.

It wasn’t until Wednesday — more than 48 hours after the flood hit the state — that wouldn’t say exactly where he was, citing security concerns.

Gianforte finally returned on Thursday night from what his office said was a vacation with his wife in Italy. But he found himself facing a torrent of criticism for not hurrying home sooner and for not telling the public his whereabouts during the emergency."

Matthew Brown and Amy Beth Hanson report for the Associated Press June 17, 2022.

Source: AP, 06/20/2022