"Mexico Aims To Bring CO2 Cut Plan To Climate Talks"

"MEXICO CITY -- Mexico aims to put a detailed offer to cut the growth of its own greenhouse gas emissions on the negotiating table at global climate change talks in Copenhagen this year, a senior environmental policymaker said.

'If Mexico can bring a plan for cuts through 2020 to the table with a detailed description of what will be mitigated it would set a positive precedent for the other big emerging economies,' said Adrian Fernandez, the president of the National Ecology Institute, in an interview on Monday.

The plan will likely offer significant cuts in expected emissions growth from Mexico, which currently accounts for 1.5 percent of global emissions, by proposing projects like improving efficiency of power plants or reducing deforestation.

Mexico will be able to implement some of the initiatives itself and for others it will look for outside financing."

Robert Campbell reports for Reuters August 5, 2009.

Source: Reuters, 08/05/2009