Maker Of Graphite For Batteries Plans $800 Million Factory in SW Georgia

"BAINBRIDGE, Ga. — A company that’s trying to become a major American-based supplier of graphite for electric batteries announced Monday it will invest $800 million to build a factory in southwest Georgia, hiring 400 workers.

Anovion Tecnologies, based in Chicago, said it would make synthetic graphite anode in Bainbridge. Production of the key ingredient for lithium ion batteries is supposed to start in 2025.

The plant would build on Georgia’s push to recruit makers of electric vehicles and their suppliers. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp said the announcement furthers his goal of making Georgia the nation’s electric mobility capital. Most battery graphite is currently made outside the United States.

Georgia economic development officials say more than 40 electric vehicle-related projects have been announced in the state since 2020, pledging $22 billion of investment and 28,000 jobs."

The Associated Press had the story May 16, 2023.

Source: AP, 05/16/2023