"Is Los Angeles Collecting Enough Stormwater?"

"The same flood-control system that protected L.A. from the atmospheric rivers also saw tens of billions of gallons of stormwater flush to the sea."

"L.A. County saw another near-record rain. How much of it will we get to keep?

Not enough.

When it comes to rain in Los Angeles, two conflicting priorities are at play: Get water out of the city as fast as possible and hold onto every last drop.

It’s something the Army Corps of Engineers, who channelized 51-miles of the L.A. River, wouldn’t have cared about following the devastating floods of ’38. But today, in the face of extreme weather changes, water resilience is top of mind for the Southland.

Last December, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors adopted its first ever water plan with the goal of sourcing 80% of our water locally by 2045.

That means reducing our reliance on imported water and investing instead in stormwater capture."

Safi Nazzal reports for the Los Angeles Times February 8, 2024.

Source: LA Times, 02/09/2024