"Lawn Fertilizer Limits Take Effect, But Effectiveness Questioned"

"Among the hundreds of new laws taking effect Tuesday (Oct. 1) is one meant to help the Chesapeake Bay by limiting when, where and how Marylanders should feed their lawns. One scientist, though, suggests homeowners could help the bay better by forgoing lawn fertilizer altogether."

"The Fertilizer Use Act of 2011 restricts the nutrient content of all grass food sold in Maryland, barring phosphorus from most lawn-care products and setting limits on how much nitrogen should be applied. Though passed two years ago, its onset was delayed until now to give lawn-care companies time to train and certify their employees to meet new requirements.

The law prohibits feeding a lawn from Nov. 15 until March 1, for instance. It also bars spreading near a water way or putting fertilizer down when heavy rain is forecast.  And it forbids using fertilizer to de-ice sidewalks and driveways."

Tim Wheeler reports for the Baltimore Sun October 1, 2013.

Source: Baltimore Sun, 10/03/2013