"Large Dams May Threaten Survival Of Platypus Populations, Research Finds"

"Scientists have found major genetic differences between groups of platypuses above and below dams which may lead to inbreeding and reduced adaptability".

"Major dams have disrupted gene flow between platypus populations, making them more vulnerable to threats, according to new research.

Scientists from the University of New South Wales examined the genetic makeup of platypuses in free-flowing and dammed rivers in that state.

Their results, published in Communications Biology, found there was greater genetic differentiation between platypus populations located above and below dams compared to populations in free-flowing rivers.

They said this indicated large dams were major barriers to the movement of platypuses, resulting in limited or no gene flow between separate populations."

Lisa Cox reports for the Guardian November 3, 2022.

Source: Guardian, 11/04/2022