"Killing of Wolves From Air Draws Fire"

"SEATTLE -- For years, the federal agencies that helped the U.S. wolf population recover under the Endangered Species Act have also quietly killed hundreds of wolves that threaten livestock or prized game. They've even taken to the skies - and are considering doing so again."

"Officials in Idaho said Wednesday they would consider deploying federal sharpshooters in helicopters across north-central Idaho in the coming weeks to kill up to 75 wolves threatening elk near the Montana border.

But a photograph published by an Idaho conservation blogger this week is raising questions about how quietly and professionally the job is being carried out by the little-known agency that acts as the hired guns for problem wolves in the Northern Rockies."

Kim Murphy reports for the McClatchy-Tribune News Service December 14, 2011.

Source: McClatchy-Tribune, 12/15/2011