"Judge Nixes Trump-Era Limits On Regulation Of Water-Polluting Projects"

"A federal judge concluded the Trump administration rule that rolls back regulation of water-polluting projects contradicts Supreme Court precedent and decades of EPA interpretation of the Clean Water Act."

"SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge on Thursday refused to leave a contested Trump-era water pollution rule in place while the Biden administration reviews it for the next 18 months, finding that letting it stay in effect could cause long-lasting environmental harm.

"The court’s decision to invalidate the Trump administration's attempt to rewrite the Clean Water Act is a major win for supporters of state and tribal sovereignty and environmental protection,” said Earthjustice attorney Michael Youhana in an emailed statement Friday.

Youhana represents conservation groups and Native American tribes who, along with 18 states and the District of Columbia, sued to block the Trump-era rule in a series of lawsuits, the first of which was filed in July 2020.

The “Clean Water Act 401 Certification Rule” narrowed what issues state and tribal governments can consider when determining if a project, such as one that involves discharging pollution into a river or stream, will comply with state water quality standards."

Nicholas Iovino reports for Courthouse News Service October 22, 2021.


"'Like It Never Happened': Federal Judge Tosses Trump Attack on Clean Water Rule" (Common Dreams)

Source: Courthouse News Service, 10/25/2021