"Haiti Earthquake Survivors, Stranded By Storm, Search For Shelter"

"Survivors of the powerful earthquake that shook Haiti scrambled for shelter, food and medical supplies Wednesday as officials acknowledged that the deadly temblor had disrupted vaccination efforts. The aftermath of Tropical Storm Grace continued to snarl already feeble relief efforts, worsening a dire humanitarian crisis and fueling anger.

Heavy rainfall from the storm Tuesday battered temporary shelters set up since the weekend, drenching people stranded by Saturday’s 7.2-magnitude earthquake. Some slept out in the open. And while the sun was out Wednesday, flooding and mudslides cut off roads, blocking urgently needed aid deliveries and stalling efforts to search for those still missing or trapped beneath the rubble.

Hospitals in the Tiburon Peninsula were overwhelmed, struggling to secure sufficient medical supplies, including anesthetics, and to find enough staff members to treat the badly injured. At least 24 health-care facilities were damaged, including several that were destroyed. Other hospitals were effectively rendered “nonfunctional,” USAID said, because they lacked adequate access to electricity and water."

Amanda Coletta and Ellen Francis report for the Washington Post August 18, 2021.

Source: Washington Post, 08/19/2021