"Gulf Oil Spill: Birds in Barataria Bay Hit Hard"

"Members of a three-man team from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology traveled from Grand Isle, La., by boat to the outer islands of Barataria Bay to film the effects the oil is having on the bird population.

They arrived on East Grand Terre Island just as the sun was coming up and quickly spotted a first-year herring gull, whose white breast feathers had turned orange.
“It looked like he had come into contact with the oil while swimming and had then spread it around while trying to clean itself,” said Marc Dantzker, a biologist and documentary filmmaker.

In comparison to the images they had taken earlier of oil-drenched pelicans, the gull looked in pretty good shape. But often those lightly oiled birds are most at risk, because they are difficult to catch and treat."

Carolyn Cole reports for Greenspace in the Los Angeles Times June 6, 2010.

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Source: LA Times, 06/07/2010