"GE Donations To River Group Stir Controversy"

"The Facebook page popped onto the Web last month, pushing a controversial position on the PCB-poisoned Housatonic River in Western Massachusetts: cleaning it too thoroughly may actually harm the environment more.

Missing from the webpage of the Smart Clean-up Coalition was any explanation of the group’s origins or members. So a skeptical river advocate asked whether the group took money from General Electric, the company responsible for both the contamination and the cleanup — and another champion of a less aggressive approach.

'No,' the Smart Clean-up Coalition responded on the page. 'We have no association with GE.'

But they do. The coalition is an initiative of 1Berkshire, an economic development alliance that has received $300,000 from General Electric Co. in recent months, the group has since acknowledged."

Beth Daley reports for the Boston Globe February 27, 2011.

Source: Boston Globe, 02/28/2011