"Gas Prices Drop Could Benefit Obama Re-Election Hopes"

"You wouldn't know it from campaign rhetoric, but gasoline prices have been trending down."

"Six months out, polls show the presidential race is very close and that the frail economy and jobs still top voter worry lists. Thus even a small drop in gas prices could generate big political ripples.

Generally, any slide in gas prices should benefit President Barack Obama more than presumptive GOP challenger Mitt Romney, and vice versa.

After flirting with $4 a gallon earlier this spring, the recent national average of $3.83 a gallon is down eight cents from a month ago"

Tom Raum reports for the Associated Press April 30, 2012.


"Delta Buys Refinery to Get Control of Fuel Costs" (New York Times)

"Chevron Phillips To Build Chemical Plant In Texas" (Reuters)

Source: AP, 05/01/2012