"Funds For Climate Justice Flow To Groups Around The U.S."

"Fourteen environmental justice organizations from around the United States have begun to receive money under the Justice40 initiative, a business accelerator announced Wednesday. The Justice40 Accelerator said the groups will receive some $3 million for work ranging from solar training in Detroit, to renovating homes to better withstand extreme weather, to a community market where farmers can sell their produce.

The Justice40 initiative is a Biden administration pledge to improve the environment in disadvantaged communities and help them prepare for climate change. It promises to funnel 40% of all investments in climate and environment to communities that live with the highest environmental burdens — diesel soot, lead water pipes, lack of access to green spaces to name a few.

In many such communities, there are groups that have worked for years to remedy conditions, usually on shoestring budgets."

Drew Costley reports for the Associated Press June 29, 2022.

Source: AP, 06/30/2022