"Forest Service Backs Arrested ‘Burn Boss’"

"The Forest Service is defending the manager of a prescribed fire that went astray in Oregon, resulting in the employee’s arrest by a local sheriff.

Rick Snodgrass, 39, was arrested on a charge of reckless burning after the prescribed fire on the Malheur National Forest on Oct. 19 jumped a road and spread onto a nearby ranch in Bear Valley, Ore., where local officials said it burned about 20 acres before being extinguished.

“In my opinion, this arrest was highly inappropriate under these circumstances, and I will not stand idly by without fully defending the Burn Boss and all employees carrying out their official duties as federal employees,” Chief Randy Moore said in a message to agency employees."

Marc Heller reports for E&E News October 24, 2022.

Source: E&E News, 10/26/2022