"FERC Climate Reviews In Limbo As Glick Departs"

"The head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had big plans at the start of the Biden administration for assessing planet-warming emissions from new gas pipelines.

But with FERC Chair Richard Glick’s time at the agency likely coming to an end, the commission’s path forward on climate assessments is as murky as ever.

Glick was known in the Trump era for frequent dissents on natural gas pipeline orders, which he often said were legally infirm by not assessing whether facilities would significantly contribute to climate change. When President Joe Biden shifted him from commissioner to chair in 2021 and FERC gained a Democratic majority, Glick vowed to adjust the agency’s approach to weighing pipelines’ greenhouse gas emissions."

Miranda Willson reports for E&E News December 15, 2022.

Source: E&E News, 12/16/2022