Federal Trade Commission Sues LED Bulb Maker for Wimpiness

"Even as lighting companies report advances in LED technology, consumers are being warned that some LED lighting products do not live up to the hype.

The Federal Trade Commission announced on Wednesday that it had sued Lights of America, a light bulb manufacturer based in California, for misrepresenting the light output and life expectancy of its LED bulbs. It is the first F.T.C. case challenging LED marketing claims.

“The F.T.C. alleges that in many instances, Lights of America’s LED bulbs produced significantly less light, as measured in lumens, than the company claimed in its promotional materials,” the agency said in a statement. "

Leora Broydo Vestel reports for the New York Times' Green blog September 8, 2010.

Source: NYTimes, 09/09/2010