"Extreme Heat Blasting Western Europe Could Set All-Time Record In U.K."

"Amber heat warnings have been posted in England, which could near its highest temperature on record: 101.7 degrees".

"The United Kingdom is bracing for sweltering temperatures late this weekend into early next week, with widespread highs between 90 and 95 degrees (32 to 35 Celsius) and a few spots potentially nicking 100 (38 Celsius). The U.K. Met Office has issued extreme heat alerts — or amber warnings — for much of England and parts of Wales, where temperatures could approach all-time highs.

Extreme heat has already spread over Portugal, Spain and France, where highs have reached the triple digits, and the worst is yet to come. Heat index values, which factor in humidity, could top 115 degrees (46 Celsius). In an unprecedented situation, all of mainland Portugal is under a red weather warning due to the hot temperatures, increasing the risk of wildfires across the country.

The amber warning in the U.K. includes London, which is bracing for highs above 90 degrees (32 Celsius) by Monday. While that may not sound hot by U.S. standards, Craig Snell, a forecaster at the Met Office, said that’s about 18 degrees (10 Celsius) higher than London’s average mid-July high temperature."

Matthew Cappucci and Karla Adam report for the Washington Post July 13, 2022.

Source: Washington Post, 07/14/2022