"Expect More Tropical Storms, NOAA Warns"

"There are officially more storms occurring during the Atlantic hurricane season, according to updated storm records from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA defines the average number of storms based on activity over a 30-year period. On Friday, the agency announced the new period runs from 1991-2020. Previously, NOAA used the period from 1981-2010.

The updated data show that the average number of named tropical storms in a given year is now 14, up from an average of 12 between 1981-2010. The average number of full-blown hurricanes is now 7, compared to the old average of 6. The agency updates its definitions of what is normal for the weather every decade.

The new hurricane averages will apply to the 2021 hurricane season, which begins in the Atlantic on June 1."

Rebecca Hersher reports for NPR April 9, 2021.

Source: NPR, 04/12/2021