"EPA Pressures BP To Reduce Toxic Dispersant"

"Under increasing pressure from the federal government, oil giant BP is agreeing to reduce the amount of a chemical dispersant it is using in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP uses the dispersant Corexit to try to break up the massive amounts of oil gushing out of its blown out well in the Gulf, but there are questions about the long term impact of the chemical on marine wildlife and human health.

The Environmental Protection Agency raised concerns about the toxicity of Corexit last week, and told the oil company to use a different chemical agent to try to disperse the giant oil slicks.

'The answer we got back from BP, to me, seemed more like a defense of the current choice,' says EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. 'It reminded me a little bit of that old commercial, "I'd rather fight than switch".'"

David Schaper reports for NPR's Morning Edition May 25, 2010.

Source: NPR, 05/25/2010