"EPA IG Adds Muscle For Tracking Infrastructure Cash"

"EPA’s internal watchdog is planning aggressive oversight for the billions of infrastructure funds flowing into the agency, warning fraud could follow the influx of cash.

EPA Inspector General Sean O’Donnell — facing his own major budget boost — told reporters last Friday that he worried about the gobs of money coming into the agency. EPA will receive about $60 billion under the recently passed infrastructure law for helping to rebuild water infrastructure, clean up toxic waste sites and provide electric school buses, among other goals.

The bulk of that funding will go into state and tribal grants managed by EPA. Money will also flow into agency accounts for environmental management and the Superfund program. O’Donnell sees the ramp-up in cash as ripe for crime.

"Trying to get money out too fast is a recipe for fraud," O’Donnell said. "

Kevin Bogardus reports for E&E News December 16, 2021.

Source: E&E News, 12/17/2021