"EPA Chemist Who Revealed Twin Towers Toxic Dust Fired -- Again"

"WASHINGTON, DC -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientist who first revealed the dangers of toxic dust at the World Trade Center disaster site has received a second notice of proposed removal from her job more than a year after a federal civil service court ordered her returned to work."

"Dr. Cate Jenkins, a senior chemist of more than 22 years tenure with the EPA, publicly alleged that due to falsified EPA standards, first responders to the attack on the twin towers were exposed to dust so corrosive that it caused chemical burns deep within their respiratory systems.

The renewed action for her removal was revealed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, PEER, on the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the twin towers in lower Manhattan that killed 2,606 people in the buildings and on the ground. The two towers collapsed after they were hit by two jet planes hijacked by the terrorists."

Environment News Service had the story 9/11/13.


"EPA Misleads on Air Quality After 9/11 Attacks" (Center for Public Integrity: 12/10/08)

Source: ENS, 09/12/2013