"Environmental Justice Becomes Part of California City Planning"

"More than 140 cities and counties in California intend to update their long-term plans over the next two years to include environmental justice, meaning air pollution, water quality, and other factors affecting disadvantaged communities would get a closer look.

Local governments across the country typically have general plans that spell out long-term visions for land use, open space, housing, safety, and other planning factors. Some local governments haven’t updated their overall general plans since the 1970s, said Erik de Kok, a program manager in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research.

California became the first state to pass a law requiring local governments as of 2018 to add an environmental justice element if they update two or more aspects of their general plans. But the law doesn’t include enforcement authority or fines to ensure compliance."

Emily C. Dooley reports for Bloomberg Environment August 27, 2020.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/27/2020