Dixie Fire Destroyed Small California Town. Its Residents Remain In Limbo

"Unable to go home and struggling to move forward, Greenville evacuees seek shelter and face the loss of their community"

"QUINCY, Calif. — When the Dixie Fire struck, a wall of flames marched down the mountains, incinerating small businesses and melting homes into ash. Helicopters circled overhead, dropping flame retardant in a desperate attempt to stop the blaze.

Soon, most of Greenville, Calif., had been reduced to heaps of rubble, mangled metal and soot-covered debris — a centuries-old town essentially wiped off the map. Meanwhile, most of its roughly 1,000 residents had been evacuated, an entire community turned into wildfire refugees.

More than a week later, Greenville residents remain in a state of suspended animation. As the Dixie Fire has exploded into the largest single wildfire in California history — consuming more than 500,000 acres in a wildfire season that’s on track to shatter last year’s records — Greenville residents are forbidden to return home."

Marisa Iati reports for the Washington Post August 12, 2021.

Source: Washington Post, 08/13/2021