"David Cameron and Conservatives Emerge Victorious in British Election"

The Conservative Party's win in UK elections will keep Prime Minister David Cameron in place. While Cameron had promised after the last election to lead the "greenest government" ever, environmentalists found much to be disappointed with.

"LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party won a surprisingly solid victory in the British general election on Thursday, with nearly complete results Friday morning showing the party close to an overall majority in Parliament.

The result defied pre-election polls that suggested a tight race between the Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party. It returns Mr. Cameron to 10 Downing Street for a second term, possibly with enough seats in the House of Commons that he will not have to rely on support from smaller parties to enact his agenda.

He was expected to travel to Buckingham Palace on Friday to be invited by the queen to form a new government."

Steven Erlanger and Stephen Castle report for the New York Times May 8, 2015.


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Source: NY Times, 05/08/2015