"Climate Change Has Some Texas Animals Fleeing the Texas Heat"

"As the hot days in Texas get even hotter, it may just be too much for some birds and fish.

From the American goldfinch to the gray snapper, some species have been moving north for years, searching for cooler ground.

And their quest may someday lead them to migrate out of the state -- forever -- especially if climate change continues to make Texas warmer, as predicted.

'The simple fact is, species may be migrating, shifting, because of climate changes,' said Ted Hollingsworth, land conservation director for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. 'If we want to preserve those, keep them in Texas, we need to be thinking ahead.'

That's part of the state land and water plan's new science-based approach to conservation and preservation. Its overall goals are to conserve and manage natural resources and create opportunities for outdoor recreation."

Anna M. Tinsley reports for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram August 15, 2009.

Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram, 08/17/2009