"Chemical Recycling Bills Gain Momentum and Opposition in States"

"States facing a mounting volume of plastic are turning to a recycling method that uses heat and chemicals to break down materials, even as critics say the process could do more harm than good to the environment.

Less than 10% of plastic waste is recycled in the US each year, and the other 90% ends up in landfills, incinerators, or the environment—leaving lawmakers and industries seeking solutions to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.

Twenty states in the last five years have passed chemical, or advanced, recycling legislation, which relieves companies of burdensome regulations by treating the recycling technology as a manufacturing operation rather than as solid waste disposal.

Advanced recycling advocates say the process is a step toward a circular economy, a system that reuses existing products to minimize the amount of end-of-life waste. The process is seen as the best available path to divert waste from landfills."

Nyah Phengsitthy reports for Bloomberg Environment July 29, 2022.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/01/2022