"Chanel Muses On Global Cooling With Iceberg Show"

"PARIS -- An event based around hundreds of fashionistas flying in from all over the world was never going to be a convincing platform for environmental campaigning, but designers in Paris haven't let that stop them.

While British designer Vivienne Westwood regularly rails against global warming, fashion king Karl Lagerfeld trumped her with a rival theory at the Chanel show on Monday: the globe is in fact cooling, and he has an iceberg to prove it.

"Have you felt any warming this winter?" Lagerfeld, with trademark black sunglasses and white ponytail, told reporters after showing his autumn collection, referring to freezing cold weather outside. "Maybe that's all nonsense, who knows.""

Sophie Hardach and Mathilde Gardin report for Reuters March 10, 2010.

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Source: Reuters, 03/10/2010